We aim to create a level playing field for gamers to monetize their skills by playing the world's most popular and entertaining games online.

Imagine playing your favourite game (and not having to bet & only holding your tokens in your wallet) while your precious $DFSocial tokens are staked, earning 70 % APY. You can also watch your favourite gamers playing alongside you on live streams via the Twitch platform.

Once the tournament is over, you and your friends will probably be busy deciding which game to play next.

DFSocial's vision is an immense crypto-gaming ecosystem where everything you could imagine is right at your fingertips - either on your desktop, or your mobile device. De-Fi (decentralized finance) is the future of finance, and we will be evolving alongside it!

A mobile application/wallet is currently in development which will also increase accessibility and interoperability.


The global gaming market was valued at $162 billion in 2020. The new and untapped potential of this nascent industry is gaming infused to the blockchain.

DeFi Social Gaming uses on-chain smart contracts to monitor performance, which is unique in the crypto-space. Through different formats of game rounds, players are rewarded for their performance relative to the other players.

There is no "betting" system needed (unless that is a mandatory component of a particular game (e.g., poker). Players only need to hold DeFi Social tokens ($bDFSocial) to compete and earn in their wallets.

Players can stake their tokens and earn rewards while they are playing.

You never risk losing your crypto; you can only win.

DeFi Social's direct competitor, Exeedme ($XED), currently has a market cap of approximately $45 million, representing an 9x valuation from the current market cap of $DFSocial at $5 million.


Since its inception, the original DFSocial team consisted of only three members; it now includes ten members, and the roster is expanding rapidly as new roles are currently open. The group is diverse and global, with members from Europe, Asia, and America.



Ibay Amor


Ibay is a Computer Engineer and well-versed in multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, C, Javascript, Node.JS, Solidity, Web3, among others. Specializing in Ethereum and Tron dApps (decentralized apps), he has been working for MicroStrategy since 2018.

Mateo Arviset


Mateo is an entrepreneur by heart, he holds a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration. He has founded and led several projects in his life and he wants to lead DFSocial to the moon.

Jorge Platas


Jorge is a Computer Engineer who gratuated from Oxford Brookes University with a Masters in Cybersecurity. He is a Blockchain Analyst and he has 1+ year experience as a crypto investor. He is the coordinator of the technical departments and also part of the development team.

Miguel Peidro


Miguel is a Computer Engineer specialized in the field of cybersecurity. His main objective is to ensure the security of products and systems. He applies Secure by Design (SBD) techniques and neutralizes threats posed to all DFSocial projects.

Alejandro Losa

Game Specialist

Alejandro is an ex-professional Arena Of Valor player for X6tence. He is experienced in several competitive mobile games with multiple national competitions and participation in European gaming tournaments.

Pablo Santos

CM and Marketing

Experienced multi-platform community manager with a great understanding of the social media environment and its increasingly fast evolving nature in the last years. Able and ready to adapt to new developments and trends in this area.

Luis Miguel Porras

Custommer Support Director

Highly skilled with human communication and able to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Coordinates with different sectors to improve customer service and business productivity and make sure all is handled in accurate and timely fashion.

Enrique Ceano

Mobile App Developer

Enrique is a Mobile App Developer and an experienced multiplatform application developer who is highly skilled in designing, testing, and developing software. He loves challenges that require him to leave his comfort zone and knowledge set, leading to disruptive solutions.

Cenk Öner

Caster & Gaming Advisor

Cenk is an Electrical Engineer who has worked in a multinational company for more than five years with a sales, business development, and customer satisfaction background. A participant in the crypto-space since 2017, a tech addict, and a born gamer, Cenk will likely continue gaming forever.

Fco. Javier García

CM & Marketing

Javier is an exceptional networker. With a deep understanding of social media platforms, his goal is to obtain the maximum number of users and build a community that will leverage the benefits DFSocial has to offer.

Crypto Pilot

Operations & Marketing Advisor

Crypto Pilot is an avid trader and investor. In the crypto-space since 2017, the Starship Group founder possesses an excellent grasp of advertising and the crypto market's overall state.


Strategy Advisor

Shelby is a known superstar Researcher. He has been in the crypto space since 2017, and he's also the founder of the Starship Group. Shelby is known for his vast crypto knowledge and exceptional communication skills.



If you are passionate about gaming and/or crypto reach out to us, we are always looking for professionals to join us on our mission.