Earn DFSocial tokens by locking your DFSocial.


Earn DFSocial tokens by providing liquidity.


Earn DFSocial tokens by playing.


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Connecting Holders & Gamers

DFSocial works as a bridge between holders and gamers.

Holders are able to enter a partner player's address. The first will afford all the fees. Once he claims, automatically he will receive 75% of the reward. The other 25% is automatically sent to the gamer.
Gamers only need an Ethereum ERC-20 compatible address to earn by playing!

Are you a holder?

Are you a gamer?

Are you a holder?

Are you a gamer?

2nd League of Legends Tournament

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You are now able to earn while playing League of Legends!

More coming soon...

"Fending off its major competitor Exeedme, 30x valuation split and huge potential , DeFi Social is the platform you need to monetize your gaming skills."

Searching for Streamers & Pro-players

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Fun Facts

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Why Choose Us?

We have combined two of the most demanded services at present: Decentralised Finance on the one hand and Gaming on the other.

We offer the necessary platforms for their real combination in the blockchain industry.

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